Jan 2015

Well I have to say that you are always a bit dubious at the start of each year can I pay the mortgage will the baliffs be round more than tin of beans per week
But no I’ve been pleasantly surprised having been offered quite a few new and interesting jobs with both some editing and filming work.  It’s now the end of Feb but here’s a few of the highlights:
Adam from E-Learning Company contacted me to film a couple of ladies who mentor students online for their courses 

it’s also been busy in the office at Iliffe Yard, a new year seems to make everyone wake up and certainly get more proactive.  I have all the desk spaces all rented out, we have quite a collective in there now from film festival organisation to spread betting and new editing freelancers. 

 We went to Hatfield for a demo of a truck for King and Tuck client Isuzu, it was interesting to see these vehicles close up, especially if you are a bit nerdy like me when it comes to engines and hydraulic systems, IMG_0017-0saying that the catalytic convertors were also a revelation.  Did you know the air is cleaner after leaving the engine? 
See the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x-0AfQZFjE&feature=autoshare
Another project I completed was for an events band who needed a promotional film, filmed and edited for their website.
IMG_0016-2IMG_0022-1They are a great bunch of lads who really know how to rock your stadiums if you need that kind of thing!
http://www.the-invitations.com  see the films here:

As usual I was back at Wellcom for another couple of cat walk days on behalf of LK Bennett, this time we are into summer season 2 and as usual our model, Stephanie was looking fantastic.IMG_0008-0
I prodomionatley use Final Cut Pro X now as my editing software, filming the band the other day with 3 cameras and using the multi cam clip tool really speeded the operation up. It seems to be a lot more convenient to use than Plural Eyes. IMG_0027 

I went to the Wellcom Building along the Euston Road where the collection is based, a fantastic space and well worth a visit to see which exhibitions they have and all for free but this time I was filming for Mastrict University, the students IMG_0011 IMG_0009were attending a series of scientific lectures in 12 European cities and I had the London lecture covered.

On a more creative note we had the final 2 days of of Andrew Bury’s short film, he had hired two screens at Wimbledon Cineworld Complex, IMG_0018it was a very low budget shoot using only available light (as he wanted) but we had a great cast who were very enthusiastic and keen to get this production the best we could.  Andy did a great job directing and we all had a opportunity to put in our creative opinions.  So, we look forward to seeing the premier some time soon. Thanks Andy


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