Feb – March 2015

So from the start of February I got involved with a new musical event at Under the Bridge in Chelsea, a large     dance band called Get Funked were having a promotional night and me including 10 other cameras were there to record it. Very entertaining and a great night out! I supplied 2 cameras including the Red Rock One Man Crew.

I then had a corporate shoot for , Compass Plc on behalf of TBPGlobal.com, this was a location green screen shoot in their offices with 2 cameras. All went well and they achieved a great key, this is easily achieved even within an office environment, most people over light, the best thing is to light the subject well and leave the green.

 maintaining an even light coverage with no hotspots lets the editor pick the key easily and the lack of variation in hue makes the workflow faster. Always double check a uniform scale on the waveform if possible.

Then it was back to Camberwell Studios where we filmed a promotional film for the Daily Mail, this was based on their scrabble game that was due to be released later that month. Shot against a white background, the director needed a clean crisp look for broadcast purposes.  We shot some macro elements to be included in the edit if necessary and lit evenly using C-log so that the editor could correct in post.  


Then it was another corporate event, this time at Center Parcs, I can’t name the client but suffice to say it was a big affair with 600+ plus people and several presentation screens, Kieran had an over night edit for the Pharmsutical client, he was exhausted the following morning after the final nights celebration, with none other than Edith Bowman prove nag the DJ skills, its probably the first and last time I will ever go to Center Parcs even though I am reliably informed my daughter would love it when she’s a bit older.

Then it was back to the studio in Camberwell, this time for a green screen shoot for a music video. A low budget affair but a great 3 minute tune from an Italian guy called Robyn Delillo, I’m looking forward to seeing what they do in post production, it sounds like a great concept. Good luck Robyn.

After that we had a shoot for Here and Now, a promotional film for their new app, this time shooting for Crunchtime London, we worked closely with the client to produce a studio  



 and location film that will be used for their kickstarter funding. So, good luck with that girls – check out the app if you need to improve your social diary,  great for families looking for something to do, it’s a great idea. Please check out the video that I edited, I hope you enjoy it.
I then got invited to film at the Big Innovation Centre Party at Altitude 360 next to Millbank, I filmed various dignitary’s, VIPS and MPs who each contributed to the worthwhile cause that the foundation was providing towards British industry. It was a great opportunity to see who was talking about future technologies and the scope of British innovation for the next year. Example 

I was also part of a 6 man crew that made an event film at Wembley Arena, this was a great spectacle and a worthwhile cause. Voice in a Million is a children’s charity that brings together schools for an extravagant music night with various VIP’s and guests contributing to what was a truly fantastic night. I am very proud to be part of it.   

See trailer here: film 1

I get contacted by quite a few foreign companies and for this project a fashion company from Russia got in touch. Alexander McQueen exhibition was due to open at the V&A in South West London, we made a promotional film for FPRBURO who wanted to make a short film during the press day,

 quite honestly I am not big into fashion but was truly impressed by what Alexander McQueen’s portfolio contained, astonishing craftsmanship and couture fashion at its best. I am now a convert. Please see the link of the film and Olga who presented it. Film (hope you speak Russian!)
Finally I covered an  a webinar broadcast at Canadian Bank . I was working for Matt at isilive.ca a Canadian Web company over here to cover the event, they had both presentations and Q+A with the CEO. Any coverage for events please contact me


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